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Our Story

After having travelled to many wineries in Europe and other parts of the Globe, I am most impressed by our vast country, Australia and having visited almost every winery in Victoria, NSW, South Australia, Far Western Australia and Queensland, not to mention our near North-West Victorian wineries as well as the Mornington Peninsula. We are constantly searching, tasting, selecting the best wines for you.


Our focus

Our focus is on a boutiquey approach to selecting and promoting our range of “premium wines”. What you get is not your average wine but a trusted and proven product with a great “DNA”. Now we are not trying to be smart about wine, but in-fact it’s in our companies DNA to ensure that you get the best ‘match’ to your unique palate with our wine selections. Easy descriptions, reliable quality, premium wines at the lowest prices without that bad after taste on the palate & a mean price tag.

We are a small company and constantly evolving and changing to suit your taste & price and are able to service our customers with integrity, reliability and speed to bring you your wines to your door.

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Enjoy with confidence that you are drinking the best wines with a great price tag! We can also add with our partners to supply quality products from Jim Jam Foods……..A special experience !

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